Liam Gallagher signs to Warner Bros for his solo album release for 2017

In a recent interview with Q Magazine released this week, Liam Gallagher confirmed his come back into the music business next year.

For his solo debut, the singer has signed a deal with ‘Warner Bros. Record UK’, part of Warner Music Group:

“Very excited to be signing to the mighty Warner Brothers. Looking forward to making some super sweet sounds. Keep the faith!”

Phil Christie (president of WMG) added: “Liam’s one of the all-time greats – brilliant, distinctive, controversial and captivating.The album he’s currently recording is big, bold and heartfelt, and it feels important and culturally relevant. It’s great to be working with Liam, Debbie and UROK on such a strong return for one of the UK’s most loved artists.”

Source: MusicWeek