Liam Gallagher spotted walking around Manchester by fans

Liam Gallagher spotted walking around Manchester by fans

It’s not every day you spot one of your heroes casually walking down the street, but that’s exactly what happened to two Oasis fans last night.

Michael and Nick Osborne were on their way back from their granddad’s when they spotted none other than Liam Gallagher swaggering by.

They managed to get a photo with the rockstar, and their mum Sharon Osborne posted it to the Mint Manchester group on Facebook.

Sharon told The Manc:

They were coming back from seeing their grandad who lives in Burnage and just spotted him, as they said, doing the Liam swagger up Errwood Road, so they stopped the car and ran over.

Sharon says one of Liam’s staff took the photo, and the Manc legend was ‘more than happy’ to pose with the lads for a photo, even complimenting their Adidas trainers and giving them a hug.

The brothers saw him by Cringle Park on the Levenshulme-Burnage border, and according to Sharon the Oasis star was back where it all began filming a documentary.

Michael, 25, and Nick, 23, are huge fans of Liam’s music, and Sharon said they were hyped to have met him: “They are big fans and have seen him lots of times at gigs and were so hyper when they got home, it was very funny and I was pleased for them.”

What a buzzing evening for them! As you were lads…

Source: The Manc