Liam Gallagher takes aim at Jeff Buckley and Coldplay

Liam Gallagher has turned his famously wicked tongue on Coldplay and Jeff Buckley – offering his brutally honest opinion of both the acts.

After taking top billing at the Isle of Wight festival on Saturday, Liam kicked back on Sunday – and used the time to dish out his views.

“Listening to this grace by Jeff Buckley ha ha pissing myself we are casuals LG”, he wrote of Buckley’s 1994 album ‘Grace’.
He added that the record sounded like a “cat being strangled”.

Gallagher then revealed that he was listening to Coldplay, and it meant even more brutal honesty.
“Rite Coldplay are on now I’m of to hang myself wgat the fuck is up wit these people cmon people were making it now”, he admitted.

Source: NME