Liam Gallagher: ‘I miss my brother’

Liam Gallagher: ‘I miss my brother’

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has told Cool FM that he would not denounce his brother Noel if he encountered him. 

Speaking to Cool FM’s John Kearns in an exclusive interview, the English singer songwriter opened up about their long running feud.

Since the acrimonious Oasis split in 2009, Liam has engaged in a number of rants directed at his brother who wrote the majority of hits for the band.
Earlier this year, he criticised Noel for not performing at the One Love Manchester benefit concert, but when asked by John what he would do if he bumped into him, Liam seemed less hostile:
“I don’t know I’d say hello probably, I’d say hello man, I got no beef,” he said.

“Obviously I get at him on twitter and all that but I’d say hello man, without a doubt and if he said hello back then I’d go in for the kiss and see where we go from that.
“I miss my brother and I love him and I wish all this stuff would not have happened but that guy’s got nothing to prove man.
“He’s written some of the best songs in the universe and I was privileged to sing on them and it’s just a joke when I dig him out.”

Liam kicks off his arena solo tour in Belfast’s SSE Arena on October 30.
The gig was upgraded from smaller venue The Ulster Hall due to a phenomenal demand for tickets.
The 45-year-old musician is fresh from releasing his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ and said he is excited to be venturing into new ground in his music career.
“I’m excited, I’m not nervous I’m not confident and I’m not not confident,” he added.
I’m just like excited that everyone can get to hear the album and see what all the fuss is about.”
In true Liam Gallagher style, the artist said he would not be too worried about the reviews.

“I’m sure there’ll be people who love it and I’m sure there’ll be people that hate it but you can’t please them all can ya?”
“I’ve obviously done a few co-writes on there…which I think is needed because I’m not like a prolific songwriter and I think you’d be waiting a long time for me to finish, do a full album myself.
“Obviously I can write, do a few little rock ‘n roll numbers but big songs…you know I need a bit of help with that so eh…but yea it is personal man, definitely without a doubt.”
With Belfast being the preferred location to launch his solo arena tour, Liam revealed his love for the city and even credited us with inspiring some of his tracks.
“I like Northern Ireland, beautiful place man, nice people; I mean I’ve always had a good time there,” he said.

”I remember playing the Ulster Hall with eh Beady Eye…and it was mega, top, top venue.
“I like Belfast, in fact Belfast is where I first come up with ‘I’ve all I need’ actually.
“I remember being in a hotel and I remember writing the first little bit, like the first chord bits so you can have that Belfast.”

The musician is renowned for his rock n roll lifestyle but says he tried to keep his feet firmly on the ground when he can.
“It’s nice to have the balance you know what I mean, I live my life on the edge I live an interesting life sometimes I venture off into murky waters and that,” he told us.

“But if it’s always about the drama then every one will get a bit bored of that especially me so it’s nice to balance it up with a record.”
John could not bag an exclusive interview without asking the rock legend about the Oasis days and his response was perhaps a lot more nonchalant than expected:
“I’m not gonna shy away from it (talking about the days in the band) like some people you know what I mean,” he said.
“People seem to think that every time they open a magazine I’m banging on about Oasis getting back together, if someone asks me a question then I’ll answer it honestly, if someone doesn’t wanna talk about Oasis that suits me too.”