Liam Gallagher tells his brother Noel is ‘busted’

Liam Gallagher reacted on his Twitter account to the suggestion that his brother Noel Gallagher was planning a solo career before Oasis even split up.

Last week, Garry Cobain of British production duo Amorphous Androgynous discussed a scrapped collaborative album with Noel Gallagher, telling The Guardian that they “first began talking about working with Noel on a solo album years ago”. Cobain continued, “[Gallagher] invited me to DJ at the afterparty for one of Oasis’s Wembley Arena gigs (in 2008)… That’s when we began talking about a solo record.”

Liam reacted to the news on his Twitter account earlier today. He quoted a portion of Cobain’s quotes before adding “Busted”.


Source: NME