Liam Gallagher thinks that most of rock and roll stars are “boring”

Liam Gallagher thinks that most of rock and roll stars are “boring”

Liam Gallagher released an interview for Loudwire Nights, and speaking with the host Toni Gonzalez he gave his opinion about rock stars.

Liam defines most of them as “useless” and live boring lives adding:

“I mean, not all of them are [useless], but the majority of them are. The ones that think they’re rock stars are not, they… just live a very boring fucking life, and I think rock ‘n’ roll deserves a little bit more than just making music, you know what I mean? You gotta get out there and get yourself — you just gotta live an exciting life. It’s like U2, they pass themselves as a rock ‘n’ roll band, but what the? Come on, man, I’ve never seen fucking Bono, I mean I’ve never seen any of them do anything remotely rock ‘n’ roll,”

In his opinion,RN’Roll bands like U2 should have gotten “into a bit more naughty stuff”, because attitude has a lot to do with being a rock star.

“Without a doubt, I think attitude, a lot of people will go, ‘Oh it’s all about music.’ But I disagree, I don’t think it’s all about music. Obviously you’ve got a certain degree of, your tunes have gotta be decent enough, but I think attitude goes a long way,” he continued. “But, people just think that rock ‘n’ roll kind of sounds a bit silly and a bit stupid, but it means a lot to me. I’d rather be that than fucking some politically correct fucking idiot.”

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