Liam Gallagher to add more Oasis songs to solo set

Liam Gallagher to add more Oasis songs to solo set

Liam Gallagher is to add more Oasistracks to his setlist after growing demand from fans.

The ‘Wonderwall’ group’s former frontman has been answering requests for songs from his three million followers on Twitter, and has promised to play ‘Stay Young’, the B-side to ‘D’You Know What I Mean?’ from 1997’s ‘Be Here Now’, which was played 40 times by the band, but hasn’t been performed live since the year it was released 22 years ago.

When one fan asked for the song, Liam replied: ”It’s happening eh how do you know these things you got me bugged. (sic)”

The ‘Wall of Glass’ hitmaker also plans on adding ‘She’s Electric’ from 1995’s seminal ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’, which was last played in 2002 on the ‘Heathen Chemistry Tour’, seven years before the band split up.

On whether he’ll play the fan-favourite, the 46-year-old rocker tweeted: ”Why not eh have you bugged me how do you know these things (sic)”

However, Liam has ruled out playing ‘Four Letter Word’ by his old band Beady Eye – which he formed after Oasis broke up in 2009 – despite adding their song ‘Soul Love’ to his set every now and again.

He wrote: ”Nah man don’t feel rite (sic)”

The group – which was also comprised of his former Oasis members Gem Archer, Andy Bell, and Chris Sharrock – last played ‘Four Letter Word’ from their first of two albums, ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’, which was followed by ‘BE’ in 2013, at Zepp Namba Osaka in Japan on their final tour in March 2014.

Meanwhile, the ‘Songbird’ songwriter – who is currently working on his second solo album, following the huge success of his 2017 debut effort ‘As You Were’ – has revealed his forthcoming documentary ‘As It Was’ is finished.

He tweeted: ”Just seen the film As it was and it’s mega well done to all involved as you were as it was who are ya want some d***head LG x (sic)”

The film will document Liam’s tumultuous relationship with his brother and former bandmate Noel Gallagher, 51, who he has been at loggerheads with since the guitarist quit the band after Liam hit him around the head with his guitar backstage at their final show in Paris in 2009.

Liam has teamed up with the director behind his music video for ‘Chinatown’, Charlie Lightening – who also worked on Beady Eye’s promos, including 2010’s ‘Bright the Light’ and 2013’s ‘Soul Love’, on the project.

It also takes a look back at the rock ‘n’ roll hell-raiser’s wild partying days, legal battles and journey to solo stardom.

A description for the documentary states that it ”tells the emotional story of how one of the greatest rock frontmen went from the dizzying heights of his champagne supernova years in Oasis to living on the edge, ostracized and lost in the musical wilderness of boredom, booze and legal battles”.

It adds: ”The film depicts Liam emerging from Noel’s shadow, managing expectations from being in the biggest band in the world to starting alone again alone, stripped bare, with nowhere to hide.”

Source: Contactmusic