Liam Gallagher to collaborate with Big Shaq?

Liam Gallagher to collaborate with Big Shaq?

Big Shaq has revealed that he has been in discussions with Liam Gallagher about recording a collaboration together.

Last year saw Noel Gallagher reveal that his children introduced him to Shaq (known also as comedian Michael Dappah), the man behind the viral hit ‘Mans Not Hot‘. Gallagher then said that he would love to play some shows with Big Shaq.

Now though, it looks like a team up with Noel’s brother, rival and former Oasis bandmate Liam could come about sooner.

“Liam Gallagher — that’s my guy,” Shaq, AKA comedian Michael Dapaah told The Sun. “Yeah, we talk all the time. He said, ‘You’re a legend man, just keep going. Go for it brother’.”

The ‘Man’s Not Hot’ rapper continued: “He wants to work on a song together — he’s been giving me great vibes. Hopefully we will get in the studio together soon. He’s showing me a lot of love.”

“But I’m a citizen of the world and maybe I can bring them together.”

“Noel Gallagher, he’s a legend,” Shaq told NME earlier this year. “One legend’s approval of what you’re doing is nice – but you know, let’s wait and see what’s going to happen.”

Asked about the likelihood of the pair working together, he replied: “Who knows? Who bloody knows mate?”

Meanwhile, this weekend saw Liam slam Noel as a ‘soft lad‘ for daring to claim that football might not be coming home.

Source: NME