Liam Gallagher: “Two years ago I was depressed and bored”

Liam Gallagher: “Two years ago I was depressed and bored”

Liam Gallagher said that he’d been left planning an escape after hitting rock bottom due to divorce with Nicole Appleton.
He’s not known for backing down from a confrontation, or being that shy and retiring.

But Liam has revealed the true extent that his divorce from Nicole Appleton and a custody battle with ex-mistress Liza Ghorbani had on him, revealing he almost started things over with a new life in Spain.
Speaking about the state of his mental health during one of his rockiest years, the 44-year-old Oasis icon said he’d been left close to broke by his £800,000 divorce and a battle over access to his daughter Gemma had seen all his money go on legal fees.

Speaking candidly to GQ about his fall to the bottom and subsequent rise back to the top, Liam said: “Two years ago I was depressed and just really f***ing bored. All my money was going on lawyers.”

And it seems that his money woes led him to plan an escape to the sunshines, with Liam almost quitting Britain and fame for a fresh start.

“It was time to get real,” he revealed. “I knew that whatever happened with the money I would be left with, I wouldn’t be able to live where I wanted to live in London, so I might have to f*** off for a bit and get a nice place abroad — get a bit of sun, eat some nice food, and try and come up with a plan. Just start again.”

Though it seems there were a few barriers to his plans to flee to the sunshine, with his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther – who he fell for during the break-down of his marriage in 2013.

Speaking about her reactions to his plans to flee the country, Liam said: “Not the best. But I said it wouldn’t be far, a couple of hours on the plane.”

And though he may have been experiencing some dire financial straights, it seems that Liam wasn’t ready to slum it just yet, adding: “I got this close to going by myself. Googling properties. It weren’t f***ing Magaluf – I’m not that broke, but not far off.

“My kids weren’t bothered. They were just asking if it would have a pool or not, the cheeky f***s.”

But it was at this point that the Beady Eye frontman experienced a flash of inspiration, as “the music came” to him. Something which led him to abandon his plans and start recording his first solo album, As You Were.