Liam Gallagher voted as XFM’s ‘Greatest Frontman Of All Time’

Liam Gallagher voted as XFM’s ‘Greatest Frontman Of All Time’

Back in March 2012, XFM asked listeners who they thought was the ‘Greatest Frontman Of All Time’.


Among the twenty names they chose (Paul Weller, Kurt Cobain, Morrissey Jim Morrison, Alex Turner…), Liam Gallagher was the winner, outpolling Freddie Mercury by two to one votes. When asked for his reaction, Liam answered: “Greatest frontman? I knew that anyway! There’s not many of us about. There are a lot of pretenders out there. But I’d like to thank everybody for voting and stuff. Nice one.” Asked if he ever entertained the thought of being a guitarist or other sideman, Liam said: “I don’t think I could handle the bass guitar, but I could see myself down the line on guitar and I can see myself smashing the kit up. But but singing is all I can do. It’s always been about the vocal for me, man. If you’re a good looking fucker like me, you’ve got to be down the front, haven’t you?”

Source: XFM