Liam Gallagher wades in after brother Noel calls Hull a ‘s***hole’

Liam Gallagher wades in after brother Noel calls Hull a ‘s***hole’

Noel Gallagher might not think much to Hull but his estranged brother Liam “loves” it.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds were performing at Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater Austin, US, on Monday night, when he called Hull a “s***hole”. And some people were furious.

But now his brother Liam Gallagher has tweeted a fan to say he actually “LOVES” Hull.

Liam tweeted: “So I’m being sent to Coventry Sunday 27th of may looking forward to it as you were LG x”

Fan Matty Hayward Tweeted back: “You mad for Malahide with RA Liam? Travelling from Hull to see you in Dublin.”

Liam then replied: “LOVE HULL”.

Liam’s response then prompted others to comment back about Noel’s recent rant, and Matty was keen to point out his brother is not a fan of Hull.

“You’re brother doesn’t seem to though!” he said. “As you were Liam cannot wait!”

The Sun has also reported how former Hull apprentice star Michelle Dewberry has “hit back in anger”.

“Noel is completely wrong – Hull is a nice place with beautiful things in it and decent people,” she told The Sun.

“I’d invite him to come out with me before he knocks it.

“The people of Hull are angry but we’re tough.

“We’re the salt of the earth and we stick up for each other.”

She also “took a swipe” at Noel over his “feud” with Liam.

“In Hull we’re nice and kind and we don’t fall our with out brothers,” she said. “He should come and play a gig here. He can bring Liam.”

The comment from Noel came as a group of people started a football chant, that they caught Noel’s attention.

Hull man Ben Rowe, 36, was part of the group there on a stag do for his friend, Matthew Roberts.

“Are you English?” Noel asks. “For f*** sake. Where are you from? Don’t f****** tell me, Newcastle? Liverpool? Leeds? F****** Yorkshire?

“What’s up have you been kicked out of the Army or something?”

Ben’s group of friends then start singing “we are Hull, we are Hull, we are Hull”.

“Hull?” Noel asks. “From Hull? How the f*** can you afford to be in America from Hull?

“Did you f****** rob your gran’s house or something?

“Don’t want to be miserable right, it’s a f****** s***hole.

“The best thing about it is a bridge. That’s all they have got is a f****** bridge. It’s s***. No offence.”

Speaking to the Mail, Ben, who grew up in Hessle but now lives in Thorngumbald, said it was all in good humour.

“There’s been 22 of us over here, majority are old school friends from Hull and we booked the stag do just hearing of how good Austin was a place,” he said. “Then coincidently NGHFB announced a gig which coincided with our last night.

“We just wanted to try and get a bit of banter or something for Matthew to remember so when it went quiet, we started a chant famous to football fans knowing Noel Gallagher is a big Man City fan and he stopped and asked if we were English and tried to guess where we were from.

“Once he heard us chanting Hull was when he had a bit of a dig but nothing we haven’t heard over the years anyway. “

Ben said it will certainly make for a memorable stag do.

“Was a bit of a laugh and loads of the locals came up to us afterwards and were laughing and asking us about the Humber Bridge etc,” he said.

“We’ve all heard worse, it’s a common misconception and an outdated view of Hull but he’s known for his put-downs on stage so we wouldn’t expect anything else really.

“It gave us something to laugh about and we’ve had a truly amazing time here.”