Liam Gallagher wants to end feud with Noel by battling it out on Great British Bake Off.

Hosted on The Jonathan Ross Show, the singer confirmed that his brother turned down £100million for an Oasis reunion, and then he suggested putting their bad blood behind each other in the notorious white tent.

‘I think we’re both the problem and the problem is that he thinks he’s not the problem,’.

‘He thinks I’m both the problems. Whereas I’m just a problem. ‘I’m half the problem, whereas I can’t be having him thinking I’m the full problem. He needs to take on some of the problem. The minute he does that we’ll move on.’

Fellow guest comedian Jon Richardson asked if they’d do Gogglebox together as a first step.

‘Maybe the Bake Off…Maybe we’ll just bake some bread and that or a cake or throw strawberries at each other.

‘Have a cream fight. That kind of stuff. Now you’re talking.’

Source: Metro