Liam Gallagher…why his solo career will show Big Brother who’s Boss

Liam Gallagher…why his solo career will show Big Brother who’s Boss

Liam Gallagher took to Twitter to confirm his return to the studio.  Right now, the world needs a rock star like Liam. A guy who genuinely doesn’t give a shit. A guy who’ll wear a leather jacket during a heatwave.


A guy who’ll ride a dog around a pub. A guy who’ll look like he’s about to throw a bag of chips at you but then sing you a heartrending love song. A guy with the snarl, sarcasm, wit and charisma that makes him one of the great – truly great – rock stars of all time.

And the world doesn’t just need a rock star like Liam pissing about on Twitter, it needs an album from a rock star like Liam. Sure, Noel does the solo thing well, but his releases are as safe as a lollipop lady riding a bike with stabilisers. With Liam you get danger. You get big, massive hairy bollocks. You get an edge. When it came to Oasis, Noel was the head, but Liam was the groin.

He might have started the year by denying any and all likelihood of a solo release (In January he tweeted: “Solo record are you fucking tripping dickhead im not a cunt”) but Liam’s definitely changed his tune. In fact, we’re got a feeling he was faking it all along, especially seeing that last summer he was found bashing out a brand new – and very good sounding – song in an old man pub in the middle of Ireland. It’s now been almost seven years since Oasis bowed out, with a bickering Noel and Liam going their separate ways, Noel founding his solo project The High Flying Birds and Liam embracing a more collaborative effort with Beady Eye, which also provided shelter from the storm for a number of ex-members of Oasis. Despite the crack team behind Beady Eye, it’s fair to say they weren’t as accomplished as the band that had birthed them. After releasing two albums, 2011’s ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ and 2013’s ‘BE’, they fizzled out in 2014. But Liam on his own? Well, who knows what that could entail. At the very least, we know he’s a damn fine entertainer, as since the end of Beady Eye he’s spent his time being rather amusing indeed; comparing his brother to both a ‘potato’ and Katie Hopkins, having sing-songs with fans on holiday and belting his way through The Who’s ‘My Generation’ on TFI Friday.
He has, it’s fair to say, been having a bit of a laugh. But man cannot be content with simply having a laugh. Man must create to be truly happy. And that sounds like what Liam’s about to do. Bring it on.

Source: NME