Liam Gallagher’s been watching Poldark in lockdown

Liam Gallagher’s been watching Poldark in lockdown

Liam Gallagher has revealed himself to be an unlikely Poldark fan.

The Oasis rocker has been keeping himself busy during England’s second lockdown – which is due to end on Wednesday 2 December – and like the rest of us, he’s been watching plenty of series to keep him occupied during the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked by Radio X’s Johnny Vaughan if he can recommend him any good telly, he replied: “I’ve watched the one about the prostitutes in London – Harlots – that was good […] and Poldark.”

Gallagher, who unveiled his All You’re Dreaming Of single today, added: “It was the recent one. That’s good. Watch that man.”

However, when it comes to what he’s not enjoying about TV, the Supersonic rocker revealed he’s reached his limit with coverage about COVID-19.

“Everything about the vaccine and all that. The whole thing is a pain in the a**e. Come on just get on with it”.

While the Wall Of Glass singer knows how lucky he is, the 48-year-old rocker says lockdown has been “s***”.

“Obviously, I’m very lucky and that,” he admitted.

“I’m a lot luckier than other people, but you know. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got. It’s still been s***. And it don’t matter how big your house is or how many Parkas you’ve got or how many Adidas trainers you’ve got. It’s still s**t innit?” 

When Johnny Vaughan disagreed with him about the parkers, he quipped: “But there’s nowhere to wear them is there? They’re just looking at me like ‘You going for a walk or not?’ It’s a nightmare”.

Source: RadioX