Liam Gallagher’s daughter opens up on fractured relationship with uncle Noel

Molly Moorish, daughter of Liam Gallagher, has opened up about her fractured relationship with Noel Gallagher, admitting she’s not in contact with her uncle.

The 21-year-old opened up about meeting her father for the first time in 2018, and revealed their budding relationship has caused friction with Noel.

Speaking to Grazia Magazine, she said: “We don’t ‘not speak’ but we don’t speak, if that makes sense,” adding the silence “wasn’t my decision”.

Referencing the brothers’ long-running feud, she said: “They don’t talk, which is unfortunate.”

Saying there is “zero chance” of an Oasis reunion, Molly discussed her relationship with her father stating she goes to Liam for “boy advice”.

“I go to him for boy advice,” she explained. “He’ll be like, ‘Stay away from that one…'”

Molly confessed her mum Lisa Moorish and Liam have moved past their previous differences and both attended her 21st birthday at The Groucho last year. However, it wasn’t always plain sailing for the duo.