Liam Gallagher’s favourite Oasis song reminds him of one family member

Liam Gallagher , 47, has revealed his favourite Oasis song during a fan Q&A on reddit over the weekend.

The British singer, who is currently performing a handful of gigs in the US, opened up about football, his solo career, next album, and the Oasis glory years.

Liam previously reported his favourite song from the Brit pop group days was Live Forever, and one fan was eager to know why.

“Why do you love Live Forever so much? Don’t get me wrong it’s a banging tune, but why is it your number one?”

Liam replied: “It’s my favourite because it reminds me of the most important person in the world, my mam.”

It’s not the first time the former Oasis frontman has spoken about his beloved mother.

Source: Daily Star