Liam Gallagher’s girlfriend slams claims he attacked her as she insists they were just ‘messing around’

Liam Gallagher’s girlfriend Debbie Gwyther has rubbished claims the singer attacked her.

She leapt to the former Oasis rocker’s defence yesterday and insisted: “We were drunkenly messing around and it’s been made into something it wasn’t. “It feels like they’re on a witch hunt to dirty Liams name.”

The star also denied a bust-up with Debbie, 36.

Last night footage said to be taken at Chiltern Firehouse restaurant reportedly showed Liam “pushing” girlfriend Debbie, who apparently stumbles into a corridor and then reportedly attempts to block his path.

He strides past Debbie and turns to confront her, ­appearing to grab her throat, causing her head to rock backwards.

But she insisted there is no problem with their four-year romance. Debbie said: “Our relationship is stronger than ever. Liam’s never laid a hand on me. It is completely ridiculous.”

All the claims of a ­violent spat at the West London restaurant were blasted by Debbie as a “pack of lies”.

And she added: “It’s lazy, sexist nonsense.”

The singer tweeted yesterday morning to his three million followers how he has never been a violent partner, saying he has “never put my hands on any woman”.

Debbie and Liam, who she manages, began dating in 2014 after the breakdown of his six-year marriage to singer Nicole Appleton.