Liam Gallagher’s kids like Nirvana more than Oasis or Blur

Liam Gallagher’s children like Nirvana more than they like Oasis or Blur.

The former Oasis frontman was part of the biggest Britpop rivalry in the 90s, but when it comes to his kids they they don’t choose sides.

Liam Gallagher

When a fan asked on Twitter if Gallagher’s kids prefer his band or Damon Albarn and co, the Shockwave singer replied: “They prefer nirvana the most”.

t’s not the first time Gallagher’s kid’s have chosen not to be loyal to their dad’s former band.

Back in 2017, his eldest son Lennon posed in a Blur t-shirt for Buffalo Zine, while making a peace sign to camera.

While his father wasn’t that fussed, youngest son Gene thought he’d stir the pot by sharing the image, with the caption: “Someone’s getting a smack”.

Ironically, while Liam’s kids seem to prefer Nirvana, the daughter of the band’s late frontman Kurt Cobain seems to prefer Oasis.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in 2015 when Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck was set to be released, she revealed: “I don’t really like Nirvana. Sorry, promotional people!..I’m more into Mercury Rev, Oasis, Brian Jonestown Massacre. The grunge scene is not what I’m interested in.”

Source: Radio X

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