Liam Gallagher’s Reddit AMA: 9 best moments

Liam Gallagher’s Reddit AMA: 9 best moments

Liam Gallagher and Reddit AMA’s are two things that easily go hand in hand. Reddit proved to be the ultimate platform for Gallagher’s iconic snark as he answered fans question via a forum titled, “I’m Liam Gallagher. And you are not.”

Liam provided proof with a link to the Instagram post announcing his AMA (short for ask me anything) and brought on the outpour of comments with Reddit caption, “Bring it on you nosy bastards….”

In the AMA, Liam touched on many subjects, from his well known dispute with brother Noel, to his certain affection for his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther’s elbows.

Read through the nine most Liam Gallagher moments from his Reddit AMA below:

  1. Q: What do you want for Christmas?
    A: A splash of Tourettes you f*cking cunt
  2. Q: Are you a breasts, legs or arse man?
    A: Partial to the odd elbow
  3. Q: Who’s got the best elbows you’ve ever seen?
    A: Debbie Gwyther.. She has 3
  4. Q: How much marching powder had gone up your nose before the Norton interview?
    Got standing tickets for Birmingham in december, can’t fucking wait! Legend
    A: I dont do cocaine before a performance smart ass. i wait until afterwards
  5. Q: What needs to happen before you place a saxophone track on your next album? Ps. Will you come to the Netherlands anytime soon? Love ya bud!
    A: I’ll need tohave shit in my ears for that to happen
  6. Q: Liam, is Robbie Williams was a type of beer, what would that beer be? As you were lad
    A: Bud Light
  7. Q: Hi Liam, Love the new album. I bought it on vinyl but unfortunately couldn’t get tickets to see you.
    Anyway, my question is after the immediate success of As You Were, will you still be making your own tea?
    A: God no..
  8. Q: Oasis or Blur?
    A: Blur because their front man isn’t a complete cock.
  9. Q: What’s it like being a twat?
    A: You tell me.

Source: Billboard