Liam Gallagher’s sons were asked to play him for Alan McGee film

Liam Gallagher has revealed his sons were considered as options to play him in an upcoming film about Alan McGee.

Last month, we reported that the makers of Creation Stories – a biopic about the founder of Creation Records – had begun their search for someone to play the Oasis frontman.

Now, Gallagher has revealed to Radio X that he’s not only seen some of those hoping to play a younger version of him, but it was first suggested his sons Lennon or Gene could take on the role.

Asked about the fact they were looking for a β€˜Liam’ in a casting call, Gallagher told Chris Moyles. “Yes they are. I’ve seen some of them.”

“I think it’s when I was 20 not 200,” he joked.

“Nah I’ve seen a few and there’s a couple that are […] a little bit cuckoo and that, but there’s a couple that are gonna be good man”.

“There’s one lad that looks pretty cool,” he added.

“They were asking my kids to do it but… I dunno man […] Especially if there’s someone playing [my ex-wife] Patsy [Kensit] and one of them’s gotta kiss Patsy.”

Source: Radio X