Liam mocks Noel Gallagher for offering fans an ‘enhanced experience’

Liam Gallagher has again hit out at his brother Noel‘s ticket prices – as well as offering fans to buy an ‘enhanced experience’. 

Last week, former Oasis guitarist Noel recently announced a series of North American tour dates scheduled for February and March 2018 – with prices ranging from around $40 (£33) to over $300 (£250) for an “Enhanced Experience” VIP package. Liam then hit back at Noel, calling him a ‘c**t’ for the price tag, and also inviting him to support him on his own upcoming tour.

Now in a new interview, Liam has again slammed Noel for his phrasing, joking that he’ll “get arrested” for making his live show sound like “a massage parlour”.

“Fucking hell, what, for the fucking enhanced experience? Sounds like a fucking massage parlour, you know what I mean? ‘Come and see Noel Gallagher, an enhanced experienced’, fucking hell,” Liam told The Independent. “He’ll fucking get arrested if he keeps putting out fucking statements like that.

“I won’t be charging that man, I dunno what we’re charging but we’re not charging that.”

Source: NME