‘Liam only slags off Noel because he really misses him’

‘Liam only slags off Noel because he really misses him’

It’s been the biggest question on every Oasis fan’s lips since they split in 2009 – will the band ever reunite?

But for Liam Gallagher, it seems that the main issue on his mind is whether he will ever reunite with his brother, Noel.

Since they parted ways, the estranged siblings are not ones to shy away from taking a public pop at each other – and can often be quite venomous with it.

But movie director Charlie Lightening, who spent a decade with Liam to chart his comeback in new documentary As It Was, says the reason for his digs at his big brother is simply because he misses him.

“I think with all this speak of them getting back together, Liam’s saying – it’s not about us being Oasis, it’s about us being brothers and getting on,” Charlie said.

“They’re a family, they’re brothers. He knows what has been said between them. He loves his brother. That’s why he constantly berates Noel. He misses him.”

While the issue of their feud will never go away, Charlie, 42, was determined that the documentary about the rocker’s rise back to the top was not going to be ‘Noel bashing’ – but of course, for the purpose of disclosure, they couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room.

“You could very easily make a Liam Gallagher film and slag off Noel, but I was not interested in doing that kind of film,” said Charlie. “The Noel thing is there, of course, but essentially it’s a film about Liam.

“What people don’t realise is, Liam’s really funny, he’s a joker, he likes to make people laugh and tell stories,” said Charlie. “He’s engaging in that way. He’s also sensitive and caring. He will always ask about how your family are doing.

“When we are in his mum’s house in the film, he takes me upstairs to his bedroom – no one has really done that before. I asked him in the house, it’s a shame you’re not talking to your brother. He says – ‘it’s not the Waltons, is it?’

“He says at one point, ‘Noel is a massive c***, I’m still a c***’. He’s not trying to be someone else, he’s just Liam. We didn’t make the film to create a better public perception in a contrived kind of way. It’s come from an honest place.”

A lifelong Oasis fan, Charlie, from Sale, met the band while creating music videos with Kasabian. After being invited to a party which saw Liam spend the night performing songs on his acoustic guitar, the pair became friends.

“For someone who actually does not do very much on stage – he’s not a Mick Jagger, moving about – he just stands there and stares out at the crowd and they go mental,” said Charlie.

“Someone said his voice has the softness of John Lennon and the punk of John Lydon. They’re right – and when he sings that he is a rock and roll star, he believes it.

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