Mark Morriss says Oasis “bore him s**tless”

Mark Morriss says Oasis “bore him s**tless”

The Bluetones frontman defines Oasis “bore him s**tless” and advises Liam Gallagher to concentrate on his clothing range rather than making a musical comeback


The singer thinks the frontman Liam Gallagher should concentrate on Pretty Green instead of contemplating musical comeback.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Mark Morriss said: “I’ve got no interest in Oasis’s music and their fans are generally horrible. I’ve never been an Oasis fan, it bore me s**tless.”

He also explained: “Oh, I love Liam, I have nothing against him but I would say he should just concentrate on his shirts now , the polo shirts, the jumper and trousers, because I think he’s probably better suited to that. He doesn’t strike me as a man who is passionate about music so why should he feel like he should get involved; he probably doesn’t want to.”

Let’s wait Liam’s reaction.