Marr on Liam: “He loves music, he loves being in a band.”

A week after the split of Beady Eye, Johnny Marr (who Noel defined as “the first fan of Oasis”) said to NME what he thinks Liam should do now.


“Liam loves music and loves being in a band. People shouldn’t forget that,” he said. “It’s a shame all this stuff kicks up, because his fame gets in the way of that love. It’s not a job, it’s a passion he’s had since he was a teenager, and he’s really good at it. “I’d hate to see the consequences of his band breaking up and the soap opera that goes with it stop him making music.”

He went on talking about the Gallaghers and Oasis: “Oasis were together a long time; the fact they’re brothers might mean they have to go off and live their own lives more than people in a regular band, because they’ve been together since they were children. “There is a human being in there, who brings people happiness, and people need to remember that.”

Source: Kulbritania