Mat Whitecross wants to make an Oasis reunion film

Mat Whitecross wants to make an Oasis reunion film

Supersonic director Mat Whitecross has spoken about his desire to make a documentary about a potential Oasis reunion. Supersonic is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download and has been a massive hit since its release.


Speaking to NME last week, Whitecross said of the possibility of making a sequel to the film: “It’s something Liam has said off the cuff. I remember when he came in for the interviews, he was joking and said ‘Why we stopping here? I’m enjoying it lets keep going!’ If they were up for it I would love that… As a lifelong fan I feel there’s definitely another film in there. If they were up for it, I’d be up for it.”

Whitecross went on to say that he’d particularly like to document an Oasis reunion, should it ever happen in the future. “That would be a dream of mine. I assumed that was what it was about when I was approached [for the Supersonic film] in the first place. My heart started racing, I was thinking ‘Maybe they’re getting back together, maybe they want to go on tour’.”

“I know they’ve worked with other people in the past, I think they’ll be a long line of directors who would be involved in that, if it ever happened. If they wanted me in any project I’d be there in a heartbeat.”

Asked about the possibility of the band actually getting back together, Whitecross replied: “My guess is as good as anyone else’s… Maybe in the future. Liam and Noel have both got their albums [coming out], and they’re going to be busy with that for about a year and half, two years.”

“I think if anything we’ve thrown a hand grenade into a vent, which was certainly the intention. As much as everyone else, I’d love to see them back on stage… [but] it’s like their mum says in the film, you just have to let them get on with it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Whitecross also spoke about Liam Gallagher’s upcoming solo album, describing it as “epic” and sounding like the Velvet Underground. He also said he’d want to work with The Smiths and Arctic Monkeys on future films.

Source: NME