Matt Whitecross said Oasis will reform because Noel doesn’t want to disappoint fans

Matt Whitecross said Oasis will reform because Noel doesn’t want to disappoint fans

Matt Whitecross, the director of ‘Supersonic’, said that Oasis will reform because Noel Gallagher doesn’t want to disappoint the fans.


Whitecross is convinced that Liam would want to reunite immediately, while Noel is thinking about a return to make the fans happy.

He said: “The tricky thing is, the more people put pressure on them, the less likely it is to happen.”

“But the way Noel talks about the fans at the end of the film is something he comes back to again and again.”

“He’s very generous about their contribution, and I think he would do it for them.”

“Noel has never said no, but he makes jokes about it. Liam says ‘Come on, let’s get back on the road!’. He’s keen to do it.”

Matt told Billboard Magazine that a reunion has not happened yet for money reasons and because of issues between the Gallagher brothers, who refuse to be in the same room as one another.

He said: “The reason it hasn’t happened earlier is they’re in a position of luxury.”

“They’re both rich men. They don’t have to be chasing the opportunity to try and get back together.”

“So hopefully if they do come back, it’ll be for the right reasons, and because they both want to do it.”

Whitecross also confessed that ‘Supersonic’ started as a 10 hours project, before being cut down to 2 hours for its release.

He added that he would like to make a second documentary, covering the late 90’s onwards adventures of Oasis.

He said: “Liam is keen for doing it, and I’d be up to do it.”

“It’d be a tricky one. It’d definitely get messier, and have a bigger cast of people.”

“But it would be easy to illustrate because once you become big, once you’re a stadium band, people are more keen to stick a camera in your face. So there’d be plenty of footage to work with. I’m up for it if anybody else is.”

Source: Mirror