Nicole Appleton sends message to Liam Gallagher with new video

Nicole Appleton sends message to Liam Gallagher with new video

Dressed in black military clothing and ready for a fight, All Saints are back with the new single “This Is A War”.

This heartfelt song is believed to have been inspired by Nicole’s divorce from Oasis’ former star Liam Gallagher, who cheated on her with the American journalist Liza Ghorbani back in 2013.

Nicole said: “The song is about being able to love whoever you want. Being able to marry who you want to marry and to be able to choose your own destiny regardless of what people say or think. It’s very cinematic and really emotional.”

Rankin, the fashion photographer who directed the video, added: “I’ve always been a fan of All Saints and for this video I wanted to create a medieval fantasy world in my studio, with All Saints being the stars.”

All Saints’ first comeback single “One Strike” was also inspired by the traumatic end of Nicole’s marriage to Liam and the other members of the group were overcome with emotion when they first listened to it.

Shaznay Lewis said: “I didn’t even tell the girls what I’d written it about, initially. I assumed that, when they listened to it, they’d guess what it was about but they didn’t. It was only when we had a conversation afterwards that I told them and I remember their shock. They were like ‘Oh my God!’ and that’s when they were in tears.”

It’s a very personal song, but Shaznay thinks it has a universal appeal because Nicole’s situation could happen to anyone.
She said: “It’s not done in a  bad way or a nasty way. It’s just Nicole story. She’s not the first person this has happened to and she won’t be the last. These stories affect everyone.”

All Saints’ new single “This Is A War” is available to watch on Vevo now, and the group will perform across dozens of venues across the UK in the coming months.

Source: Sunday World