No chance of an Oasis Reunion?

No chance of an Oasis Reunion?

This week Liam hinted that he’s finally ready to return to music for the first time.Noel is prepping new tunes and they could go head to head. The producer David Holmes was working on the Noel album and this week Dave told it was supposed to be a secret.

He said: “Noel’s music is quite mid-tempo so I think what we’re doing is going to really surprised a lot of people. Root for him to make a really big, bold, up-tempo beast of a record.”

Liam, 43, meanwhile, could drop new music sooner than anyone expected.

One person who won’t be working with either Gallagher is Richard Ashcroft, who said he couldn’t work with Noel because “it would upset Liam”. Such sensitive boys.

Source: Daily Star