‘Noel and Liam were asking each other during making of Supersonic’

Speaking to the last issue of Q Magazine, Mat Withecross who has directed ‘Supersonic’, revealed few interesting things about the documentary.


Although they had acces to a huge archive, the director said: “The problem we had was that, back then, not everything was filmed, unlike today, where everyone’s got their phones out.”

He added that Bonehead told him that the positive response to the film was “the first time Liam and Noel have agreed on something in 20 years.”

The documentary “it’s like Liam and Noel are in the same room, like they’re having a conversation”, and although they recorded their parts separately, the pair were asking after each other when conducting their interviews for the film, and what the other had been saying.

Asked whether both Noel and Liam would attend the premiere, Whitecross said: “Well, things seem to change with them day by day, so who knows? But I wouldn’t put my house on it.”

Source: NME