Noel Gallagher about his third solo album: “I was doing it in a different country with a mystery producer”

During an interview with 3FM, Noel Gallagher talked about his next album.

He declared “There is a lot of time sitting around doing nothing on tour so you have a guitar you tend to write songs”. He has found so much time that he admitted “I started recording another album when I was halfway through this one that is out now so I was doing them both at the same time. I was doing it in a different country with a mystery producer. I wouldn’t like to say anything more about it than that but I’m working on it. The last time I spoke about a record, it never came out so I won’t say anything more”.


So, Gallagher appeared really confident about this mysterious producer and confirmed that “it’s not fucking Timbaland, or Jay-Z”.
But, when the interviewer asked him if could be Jamie xx of The xx, Noel answered “Did you just say Jamie xx? Yeah, well, no comment.”
Same reaction from his spokesman, who at the same question declined to comment.


Source: Kulbritania, NME