Noel Gallagher about rock’n’roll: “It’s a spirit to me, a spirit of freedom.”

Noel Gallagher about rock’n’roll: “It’s a spirit to me, a spirit of freedom.”

While in Ohio, Noel Gallagher visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and explained what rock’n’roll means to him:

“To me, it’s not a sound – it’s not an idea. It’s a spirit to me. A spirit of freedom: freedom of thought, free speech, free thought – free expression. The great thing about rock and roll is it can’t be summed up in one nifty sentence. For instance, somebody was with me [touring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum], passing a lot of Madonna things, was saying: ‘You know, Madonna’s not very rock and roll. This is a rock and roll museum.’ And I’m thinking well Madonna might not be rock and roll in the sense that Chuck Berry is rock and roll, but she definitely is rock and roll of thought. You know what I mean?”


“So, it’s not about the sounds, and about the loud guitars, and, you know, the bottles of Jack Daniels, and the leather jackets and all that, carry-on. I guess rock and roll is freedom of thought.” and added on the DIY attitude behind not only the music itself, but also the genesis of pioneering labels “These guys started record labels because that music that they were into wouldn’t be getting signed by major record labels. And it changed the face of music. Sadly, it’s going back the other way now, particularly in Britain.”

“The alternative way of thinking is kind of slowly dying out, and things are, well, there will be no alternative record labels left, or independent record labels, whatever they’re called, by the end of the decade.… with streaming and all that kind of thing, no one’s going to be able to really make it work anymore. So think about that when you’re hiring your next album.”

Source: Kulbritania