Noel Gallagher about ticket prices: “I’m with Elton John”

Noel Gallagher about ticket prices: “I’m with Elton John”

Rock star Noel Gallagher has called on the government to “sort out” the secondary ticketing market and he said he support Elton John regarding ticket prices.


He was speaking after Sir Elton John said he would “rather have empty seats” at a venue then see fans pay “extortionate” prices on sites that promise access to sold out shows: “I’m with Elton,” Gallagher told BBC Radio 5 live. “People shouldn’t really pay over the odds, but they do. You get forged tickets on those things as well. It’s a terrible thing.”
Noel then added that as long as the re-sale of concert tickets was legal, “it’s going to carry on. You need the government to sort it out.”

Last month, the government welcomed comments on secondary ticketing as part of a review of the market.
Among the artists to get involved were Coldplay, Radiohead and Blur, as well as the managers of One Direction and Ed Sheeran, who signed a joint letter campaigning against “the increasing industrial-scale abuse and insider exploitation of tickets for music, arts and sports events by ticket touts, and their online associates and facilitators. Tens of thousands of fans have been ripped off by people who exploit fair ticket prices via so-called ticket marketplaces,” the letter added.

Source: BBC