Noel Gallagher about U2’s album: “No one’s actually said is a shit record or a great record. I think it’s one of their better albums.”

In his latest interview with Q magazine Noel Gallagher talked about U2’s album ‘Songs of Innocence’ which was automatically downloaded into people’s iTunes for free last year.

He stated: “No one’s actually said the U2 album is a shit record or a great record. All they’ve talked about is the delivery. I think it’s one of their better albums, and ‘Every Breaking Wave’ – what a tune. But the way it was delivered is not something I’d ever do. For me albums are all about the anticipation. Personally, I don’t want to live in a world where, ‘Bang! There it is. Done.'”


Noel then added: “Me and Bono have talked about this endlessly and agreed to disagree. I don’t agree with free music. I’d be quite happy to put an extra pound on my new album. U2 can turn around now and say that 750 million people or whatever it is – have their new album. But I would rather 750 people had my album in their hearts. To me that’s fundamentally more important.”

Source: Q magazine