Noel Gallagher about what he’d do if he “ruled the world”

Noel Gallagher’s view of the world has been made public, as a consequence of the recent tragic events.

Noel has shared his 10 commandments with his fans.

On Instagram, he posted a picture with a list of rules, followed by the caption “If I ruled the world…”

This list, that includes sentences like “Reason, not superstition”, “Good, not God” and “Ethics, not dogma”, seems to be Noel’s reaction against the recent tragic events happening all over the globe, such as the terror attack in Nice on July 14th.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Bono is believed to have been trapped in a restaurant during the attack in Nice.

The owner of La Petite Maison stated that the U2 leader was having dinner with friends when the panic broke out in the area.

After the tragedy, U2 tweeted a picture with the caption “Love is bigger than anything in its way”.

Source: RadioX