Noel Gallagher and Hozier together for a good cause!

Noel Gallagher and Hozier together for a good cause!

Greg McQuaid, while hosting a popular breakfast show in San Francisco, asked big artists to take part in the so-called #Boob-project.


Greg with his team at KFOG FM in California wrote a song entitled ‘Boob Spelt Backwards Is Boob'(the title is an idea of his co-host Mike Nelson’s eight-year-old son). The target is raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The project began last jenuary and, despite having no melody or lyrics, the team wants to have the song by October, global month of the breast cancer awareness.

Hozier and Noel Gallagher contributed, and Florence and the Machines did the same.

Irish Greg, as he’s known to listeners, underlined how important it was having a famous artist like Hozier that can easily convince other important performers to join the project.

The song and video will be available on or it can be downloaded from iTunes. It is due to be released on Thursday.