Noel Gallagher as possible 2016 X-Factor judge

Noel Gallagher as possible 2016 X-Factor judge

The Gallagher brothers have never been excessively enthusiastic about being involved in whatever is mainstream, especially when it comes to talent shows.


Regarding that, Noel once stated “I’ve got better things to do on a Saturday night than be sat live on the television.”
Nevertheless, rumors say that the name of the older Gallagher brother has been proposed to replace Cheryl Fernandez Versini as one of the 2016 X-Factor judges.
This could seem highly unlikely, but not impossible. Indeed, Noel has previously commented X-Factor’s boss Simon Cowell in a positive way: “I like Simon and I’ve got nothing against him or his television show.”
Many other names came out for the new season: previous judges Luis Walsh and Rita Ora could be back in the show.
However, the official lineup will be revealed in a couple of weeks, at the beginning of the auditions.
Noel once said that Simon Cowell would need to put forward “the most psychedelic offer that he’s ever made” to have him on the show.  Let’s see what Simon will be capable of…