Noel Gallagher calls all of Yorkshire a ‘shithole’ during festival set

Noel Gallagher calls all of Yorkshire a ‘shithole’ during festival set

Noel Gallagher called Yorkshire a “shithole” as he headlined Bingley Music Live on Sunday (September 2).

The Manchester musician was performing with his band, the High Flying Birds, at the festival in Bingley, West Yorkshire when he made the comments about the county.

According to reports, Gallagher immediately addressed chants of “Yorkshire, Yorkshire” that greeted him when he walked out on stage.

“What’s that?” he said. “What’s that? It’s a shithole.”

Later in the set, he also claimed he couldn’t understand what the crowd were saying.

Mimicking a Yorkshire accent, he said: “I can’t understand accent, mate.”

Gallagher delivered another light-hearted dig to the crowd when he dedicated Oasis song ‘Half The World Away’ to Manchester.
His comments at Bingley Music Live aren’t the first time Gallagher has spoken negatively about Yorkshire.

Earlier this year, he dubbed Hull “a fucking shithole” after fans at a gig in Austin, Texas began to chant for their hometown football team.

“From Hull? How the fuck can you afford to be in America from Hull? Did you fucking rob your gran’s house or something? Don’t want to be miserable right, [but] it’s a fucking shithole. The best thing about it is a bridge. That’s all they have got is a fucking bridge. It’s shit. No offence.”

Source: NME

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