Noel Gallagher calls politicians a “f***ing” disgrace & Brexit “the biggest load of s*** ever”

Noel Gallagher calls politicians a “f***ing” disgrace & Brexit “the biggest load of s*** ever”

Noel Gallagherhas deemed Brexit a “pile of shit” and called UK politicians a “disgrace”.

The former Oasis rocker took part in a spicy wings challenge for his First We Feast’s Hot One interviewwhere he talked about everything from his early days in the Manchester band to his new music.

In a quick question round where he was asked about topics, he responded to the word Brexit: “Just the biggest load of shit ever”.

The This Is The Place singer added: “I think it’s a stupid backward step that the country is taking… Saying that, the majority of the people democratically voted for it, so they’ve got to see it through now, but the politicians are tying to make it not happen.

“They’re a fucking disgrace the politicians and that. I mean most politicians anyway are a disgrace. The ones in England have not covered themselves in glory over the past two years”.

The sticky interview also saw the Don’t Look Back In Anger legend reveal that he doesn’t care what fans think, and if he did… he would still be in Oasis today.

Asked what the difference is between a song he wants to make and what his fans want him to make, Gallagher replied: “They’d want me to make music that sounded like Oasis. Fans… they don’t know what they fucking want.”

He continued: “They didn’t want Jimi Hendrix before he came along. Nobody wanted Oasis before we came along. Nobody wanted the Sex Pistols. They don’t know what they want until you give it to them. But you know what? I don’t wake up in the morning or go to bed at night worrying about what fans want.”

The Ballad of the Mighty I singer added: “If I worried about that I wouldn’t have left Oasis in the first place. I’d still be there picking up the cheques, travelling separately from the rest of the band and turning it up dialling it in – like most fucking rock bands who’ve been going 30 years. They don’t get on but they haven’t got the balls to leave and do their own thing.

“I don’t care what fans want. Fuck ‘em”. 

Source: Radio X