Noel Gallagher did discuss possibility of Oasis reunion, according to pal

Noel Gallagher did discuss possibility of Oasis reunion, according to pal

Noel Gallagher might just be telling porkies when ruling out an Oasis reunion – ­because he HAS discussed the possibility.

That is according to his friend and rock photographer Kevin Cummins – who revealed they chatted about a comeback gig.

Noel continues to laugh off ­rumours, and denied he’s even been offered money for a reunion with estranged brother Liam .

But Kevin has different intel: “I went to the football [at the Etihad Stadium] with Noel the other day and we were talking about that
and how if Oasis reformed they would only have to do one gig ­because it would be telecast round the world.”

Just last week brother Liam reiterated that an Oasis reunion would happen soon, and claimed money is on the table for it.

It seems Noel has at least considered doing one big concert, and that would be enough. Cummins went on: “It could be streamed
live everywhere and they could do another Knebworth but they could play to billions of people on the same evening.

“They probably would work again afterwards but they wouldn’t need to do it again [after that], it could just be one show.”

Perhaps a one-off pay-per-view mega gig would put an end to the rumour mill. Noel reckons that one concert is enough, because everyone would have footage on their phones.

Cummins told The Quietus: “Noel was saying, ‘Well, it wouldn’t be the same, because there would be 200,000 people watching it through their phones’.

“He said, ‘We were the last band really where you could go to a gig and nobody was taking pictures, and that’s what made it exciting’.”

Source: NME

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