Noel Gallagher disses Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters and Green Day (and Dave talks about it and praises Liam)

If you watch this Noel Gallagher interview below, Noel disses Dave from Foo Fighters and Green Day.

Noel first goes on to talk about how there is a lot of angst in guitar music while something like his song “Holy Mountain” is full of joy.  He then goes on to talk about how there is a lot of “shouting” from bands like that and then goes on to say “like Dave Grohl” and says “what is he all about?”  One of the interviewer then goes on to say something like “he is nothing.”  He then goes on about Green Day and says “what are they all about?” and says “It’s kind of like rock has killed rock and roll….”

Dave Grohl while interviewed by GQ in this video below talks about it and surprisingly he didn’t strike back like most pop culture feuds these days.  Dave even said how he loves watching interviews with Noel.  About the diss, he just said “He talks shit about us sometimes.  What did he say: ‘What is that all about?’ I could watch his interviews all fucking day long, and I do sometimes.”

Dave also praised Liam Gallagher when asked which Gallagher he liked better.  Dave didn’t want to take sides and while saying he loved watching interviews with Noel, this is what Dave said about Liam: “Clearly they’re both brilliant. I love Liam, he’s hilarious man. We have done shows with him, and I fucking love hanging out with him.”  He went on to say: He’s got it, he’s still got it, he never lost it, now he’s out there doing shows and stuff.”

Gallagher claimed in the past before that he doesn’t like the angst and negative music.  If you remember back in the day with Oasis, Gallagher didn’t like how Nirvana recorded a song called “I Hate Myself and Want To Die.”  It is unknown if “Live Forever” was influenced by that Nirvana song but that Oasis song was written in the middle of Nirvana and all the other grunge music.

Source: Alternativerevolution