Noel Gallagher “educates” amateur bands telling them how to do…

During Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ concert in Boston on June 6th, Noel Gallagher stopped performing to move critics to a band that had given him unamed demo CD.

He said: “When you’re giving away CDs of your shit, there’s not even a fucking name of who it is, or what it’s called, or a phone number, or nothing. No song titles, no name, no nothing. Now unless this is some psychedelic fucking album project, I’m saying, this cunt’s going nowhere. Thank you very much”.


When Noel asked the band’s name and he was told it was The Memo, he added “The invisible man? No… the Memo? Do you fucking get the irony of that? A CD with nothing written on it by somebody called the Memo. Fucking hell — don’t make me say it”.

Source: NME