Noel Gallagher explains his ‘selfie rules’

Noel Gallagher explains his ‘selfie rules’

Noel Gallagher has explained his ‘selfie rules’ in his latest interview with Loaded.

He said “If I’m walking somewhere and on the move, well sometimes I don’t want to be mithered, certainly not on a night out. If I’m standing still on the tube or in a shop or waiting for a cab, then alright, but not if I’ve got a pace on. It depends what mood I’m in. So some days I’m in a ‘No’ mood all day.” Got it. Basically only approach if stood still – but not on a night out. Some people are so f*cking rude though. Like this for instance – this just happened the other day, and even starting to tell you I’m getting wound up.” I sit back and get comfy on the sofa. Some f*cking Cockney dick second-hand car salesman said to me as I’m waiting for a taxi, ‘Excuse me mate, can you get a picture with my lad?’ So I’m looking round and I’m like, ‘Well, where is he?’ So he shouts to his wife and some little kid comes out dressed exactly the same as his fucking dad.“Well, this lad didn’t have a fucking clue who I was”.

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He added “This lad is looking at me backing away, clearly no f*cking idea. “Anyway, I put my arm around him and he takes the picture and as the guy is walking off he’s looking at the picture and says, ‘Yeah, you might want to try f*cking smiling next time’. I couldn’t quite hear what he said but there was another guy walking past and HE said, ‘That’s so f*cking rude!’“So I shout after him, ‘Oi! What did you say!?’ But he carries on walking. “He was lucky my wife wasn’t there that day. I’d have put him on his fat f*cking arse. Dick.”

Source: Loaded