Noel Gallagher: “Glastonbury is important for Britain’s mental health”

Noel Gallagher: “Glastonbury is important for Britain’s mental health”

Speaking to Sunta Templeton Noel Gallagher said that “Glastonbury is important for Britain’s mental health”.

Tha Oasis’ star played a triumphant set at Glastonbury yesterday afternoon.

During an interview with Radio X he said:

“You know what, you can’t overstate this enough. This festival means a lot to this nation’s mental health, I think. I’ve never seen so many people upset when it was cancelled. And it was rightly cancelled. I wouldn’t have liked them to do it with the handbrake on.”

“This festival is one of the best things about this country… if not THE best thing about this country. It’s amazing that it’s back. Thank God.”

Noel Gallagher was in the slot before headliner Sir Paul McCartney took to the stage.

As a huge Beatles fan, was Noel feeling any pressure “warming up” for his hero?

“No!” he replied. “I’ve got a pretty good back catalogue. He’d probably say he’s got a better back catalogue, you know. But not really. Oasis are a very, very important band in the history of this country, so I’ll play a few of those tunes.”

“It’s about the hits, of course. I remember coming here in ’95, straight from Rockfield. We’d just finished Morning Glory and we thought it’d be a good idea if we played half of it to the crowd. It was yet to be released. I’ll never forget singing Don’t Look Back In Anger without a piano player, and at the end of it there was almost total indifference.”

“We learned our lesson then, that’s the festival rule. No-one’s interested in your new album, do that to your own fans. Just play the hits. That would be my advice to young bands.”

Source: Radio X

Photo: Matthew Baker/Redferns