Noel Gallagher has high praise for his brother Liam on 25th anniversary of “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?”

The Rock’n’Roll Star brothers fell out more than a decade ago and Liam has been snubbed from the 25th anniversary celebrations of the band’s iconic album “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?”.

But Noel seemed to offer an olive branch to his estranged sibling in a video shot to mark the success of the 1995 record. Called Return To Rockfield, the film is a nostalgia trip to the Welsh studio where Oasis wreaked havoc while recording their second album. And in it, Noel admits Liam’s lead vocals were a crucial ingredient.

‘Liam’s voice is f***ing on another level on that record. There is nothing around today that even f***ing comes remotely close to it,’ he conceded. The 53-year-old then goes on to tout his own achievements, saying: ‘I listened to that album for the first time today in 25 years. I f***ing understood it today. The words, the melody.’ And he now realises the songs on it represent the brothers’ heyday.’

‘Nobody realised that was our moment,’ he said. ‘Nobody had any f***ing idea what was going to happen.’ Despite not speaking to Liam, 48, since Oasis split in 2009, Supersonic songwriter Noel admits there were once fun times to be had. ‘We got smashing the arse out of it, day and night,’ he said. ‘It was great. I f***ing loved the ’90s. Why did we have to get f***ing old?’

Source: Metro