Noel Gallagher has taken a dig at Liam’s solo music and compared his own new single to Oasis hit Supersonic

Noel Gallagher has taken a dig at Liam’s solo music and compared his own new single to Oasis hit Supersonic on BBC Radio 2.

James Bay was singing live on the show. He told Noel and Fearne Cotton he was contemplating playing a certain song not knowing that Noel would be in the studio. Noel asked him, “It’s not one of Liam’s is it?!” Noel has previously slammed Liam’s solo material saying it sounds like “Adele shouting into a bucket.” He also claims he never approved of Liam’s loud vocals on Oasis tracks. It turns out the song Bay wanted to play was ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger.’ Noel has recently released new song ‘Black Star Dancing’ for his upcoming EP. He has compared it to ‘Supersonic.’ Oasis’s first ever single which debuted over 25 years ago. Noel said, “The starting point was the main B-side which is ‘rattling rose.’ I went into the studio to do that and for some reason it wasn’t working, I had to re-record that a couple of times. I was running out of studio time. I don’t like being in the studio and coming out of it with nothing. That kind of weirds me out. So, I was in the shower one morning and I was thinking ‘well I’ll just do something new when I get to the studio.’ I happened to be listening to ‘Fashion’ by David Bowie and I thought that is a pretty good bass line. It’s two notes, surely it’s copyright free, it must be. I was walking past the estate agents on the way to Abbey Road, I started humming a tune and that was it. I made it up on the spot. I was there on the Thursday and the Friday, by the Friday it was there. Sometimes you can sit and chip at a song for years, other times they completely fall out of the sky. Black Star Dancing, the track itself is quite similar to Supersonic in the sense that we were in the studio, in the 90s, doing a track that wasn’t working and I just wrote Supersonic on the spot. It was the same as this really. I’ve written so many songs. Great songs and songs that are not so great and songs that people have said have changed their lives and songs that people have ignored, which you thought is going to change people’s lives…it’s endlessly fascinating to me. It’s something, I’m hopelessly addicted to it.”

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