Noel Gallagher has two new albums up his sleeve

Noel Gallagher has two new albums up his sleeve

Noel Gallagher is planning two new albums – including another under the guidance of current producer David Holmes. 

Gallagher appears on Beats 1 with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich this weekend – where he also opens up about brother Liam, Oasis songs and leaving the band for good.

Noel says he’s got ‘plenty of material’ under his belt – enough for two albums, made in different ways.

“I’ve got a whole backlog of songs, I write all the time so I’ve got plenty of material,” he said. “I’m going to make another record with David [Holmes, producer of ‘Who Built the Moon?’] in this way but the last one took four years so I’ll probably have to make another one alongside it in the more traditional sense.”

Noel also said he effectively helped launch Liam’s songwriting career – because he became ‘burnt out’ towards the end of Oasis.

“Looking back on it now, I think I’d fallen slightly out of love with songwriting and I encouraged everybody to contribute because we were a band after all,” he said.

“To keep writing every 18 months to two years 16-18 songs on your own, it burnt me out. Some good stuff came out of it, it gave Liam a launch as a songwriter and all that which is good for him…And it gave the band a longer shelf life.”

The guitarist has also chopped down the number of Oasis songs he plays in his solo sets – but will never lose them completely.

Source: Manchestereveningnews