Noel Gallagher: “I’m really ahead with the next album”

Noel Gallagher: “I’m really ahead with the next album”

Interviewed by the ‘Daily Star’, Noel Gallagher admitted that he is already working on his next solo album.


“I’m really ahead with the next album. It’s really f***ing annoying me at the minute because I’ve got this tune that I can’t get out of my head – it sounds like My Old Man’s A Dustman … that’s a joke.”

It seems like all the things are going well for his next record, except for one thing, the saxophones:

“I’m writing songs at the minute and I keep hearing saxophones everywhere. The only thing that’s bugging me now is that I may never get rid of them.” 

Also in the interview, Noel has not missed an opportunity to say a few words about the younger brother:

“Liam is all right as far as I’m aware. He’s a fashion mogul now. Of course, I’m obviously ripe to be a fashion mogul.”

Source: Kulbritania