Noel Gallagher: “In the 90s Liam was too young to handle the fame.”

Noel Gallagher spoke to The Times newspaper and he talked about his brother:

“At the age of 19 he left my mum’s house, got on the train to London and moved in with Patsy Kensit. I still feel … the word’s not sorry for him, but with all the madness that went on in the 90s I could deal with it because I knew what it was like to be normal, and I was driving everything in an artistic way. People were asking Liam about songwriting in interviews and he didn’t have a clue. I think that’s why he went berserk.”


He then went on “He’s (Liam’s) just one of those guys, and we all know them: the kind who couldn’t care less if things are working or not because they’re off sh***ing some bird. When I was growing up there was always some 50-year-old mod guy who swaggered up in the park and said, ‘All right, knobheads?’ That could have been Liam. He’s not a grafter. He walks on air. He needs people like me, worrying about the amps sound and so on.”

Source: SCYHO