Noel Gallagher is already bored of writing songs in lockdown

Noel Gallagher is already bored of writing songs in lockdown

Noel Gallagher might be responsible for penning some of the most important songs in the British songbook, but he’s already bored of writing at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Noel Gallagher

The former Oasis rocker caught up with Matt Morgan for his Funny How? podcast earlier this month, where he revealed that the “novelty” of writing has worn off.

Talking about getting past the three week mark in lockdown, he said: “I think we’re going to hit a wall this week. I think three weeks is everybody’s limit.

“I can even see myself being a bit like, ‘f**ing hell another week’. Even the novelty of writing has worn off. I can’t be f**king arsed with that either”.

“I’m not particularly inspired to write anything, like a corona anthem.”

The Holy Mountain singer might not be writing quite as much, but he has picked up other hobbies instead, revealing he’d used stickers to give his son’s bedroom door a “pop art” face lift.

“The whole project took me a couple of days, and they were great days,” he recalled. “I haven’t done anything like that since I was at school.”

What started out as a little fun activity for theManchester legend and his sons became an obsession, as he admits he soon banished them to complete the task on his own and achieve a better finish, even sealing it with a clear varnish which he ordered online.

Sharing the image with Matt, he joked: “When I die, they’ll be worth literally hundreds of pounds”,

He added: “Listen, if we ever leave this house, those bedroom doors are coming.”

Source: RadioX