Noel Gallagher misses music ‘joy’

Noel Gallagher misses music ‘joy’

Noel Gallagher thinks musicians place too much emphasis on lyrics and meaning, and songs have lost their ”raging joy”. 

Noel Gallagher misses the ”raging joy” in music. The 50-year-old rocker has lamented the ”golden age” of pop, when people didn’t pay attention to a song’s lyrics and just wanted to lose themselves in the track, and claims the likes of Travis and Coldplay have changed the face of the genre with their desire to be regarded as ”artists”.

He fumed: ”I grew up in the golden age of pop, late 1970s, early 1980s.

”Nobody talked about lyrics. You listened. You danced. It affected your life. Who cares what it’s about?

”[When did it change?] Around Britpop, when everybody wanted to be considered ‘an artist’.

”When Travis and Coldplay came and it was all introverted, why-does-it- always-rain-on-me? It’s not just raining on you. It’s raining on everyone. I’d rather write a song about the umbrella, not the f***ing rain.

”Look at everybody’s first Britpop album. Oasis’. Blur’s. Pulp’s. Raging joy.

”I suppose it did get darker when drugs took over, yeah. And then you end up with the Libertines — lads with no teeth and their grandads’ hats.”

And the former Oasis star insists people have no desire to hear songs written about his own experiences, such as his abusive father, Tommy, and wants his lyrics to remain open to interpretation.

He told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: ”People don’t want to hear that. I might go into it if I write a book.

”Then I’m listening to someone pour his heart out and I’m, like, ‘Good for you. Tell me something about me.’ ”

And the ‘Death of You and Me’ hitmaker believes chart music today is too formulaic.

He said: ”The charts are still dominated by transatlantic pseudo-American bulls**t.

”Put a rap in and pop chorus on it. Email it to someone in Mogadishu to put some maracas over it. Make loads of money.”

Source: contactmusic